Shout Out

$25.00 $10.00

We promote stories and events every day and have thousands of followers.  We want to provide you with an opportunity to promote your product, service or business.  We have a limited number of posts as we will promote your post at our peak times.

You provide us with information about your product, service or business as well as a logo and a brief description that will allow us to build a simple ad.

Send us a photo, a video or just a link with a logo and we will get you noticed.  We ask that you keep your text to 150 characters or below.  Naturally, we ask that you keep your post requests to a PG rating.



Shout Outs are huge and we have a following of over 80K Facebook followers for only $10 for a sponsored post.  You provide us with your business or product information and a logo and we will post your product, business or service for only $10 per post.



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