Tell Your Fishing Tail For A Chance To Win!

Do you have a great fishing story to tell and a willingness to share it?  What if we offer you a chance to win gift cards?  Fish tails are a mainstay in the fishing culture and we don’t want that to end.  So, we have decided to start a contest for the best fish-tail.  Each month we will select a fish-tail from our followers.  

There are a few simple rules to be aware of: 1) We reserve the right to edit the story in the event our editors feel the need to make it “readable”, in other words if the story is riddled with foul language we reserve the right to make it readable to a larger audience, however we will be very careful to keep the main content there that makes the story.  We will, of course inform you of any changes we will make prior to making the story the official, “winning” story.  2) If you like video, please send us your story on video, we would love that as well.  But, please be mindful that this is a family friendly media group, so, if it is too bad to post, you won’t win. 3) We are giving away a $25 gift card to the monthly winner, the gift card may be different from month to month and we will do our best to provide more regionally specific gift cards, if possible.

There you go, it’s that easy, just fill out the form on this page, upload your story or video and you’re one step closer to being a winner!

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