Can you qualify and get your spot?

We will soon be starting our search for our very own Team OnDaHook Fishing team. Are you interested? Well, if you are, then all you have to do is apply. Of course, there is a crazy catch, we like to have a little fun and turn things into a competition every chance we get and we just cannot see why this should be any different.

To be part of the OnDaHook fishing team you apply by joining and winning any of our upcoming freshwater fishing tournaments. At this time we are looking for a US Fishing team, this means you must be a resident of the United States and compete in the United States. You can be a pro or you can a weekend warrior but you do have to be 18 or older.

We will be selecting a winner and team member after each of our tournaments. Our tournaments will be for specific fish, and you can fish all the tournaments until you win a spot or until you’re all fished out. Once you win, you become a team fishing member and you will be team member representing the fish you caught to win. For example, you win largemouth bass tournament you are the Team OnDaHook largemouth bass team member, same goes with flyfishing, etc. that will be listed as your specialty.

For those of you overachievers out there, you can be a team member representing multiple fish classes. So, if you win bass and you win fly fishing then you will qualify for both.

This is where the fun starts

Just because you’re a team member doesn’t mean you get to always hold that honor. There will be someone just around the corner ready to unseat you. These will be special tournaments and will help our team members stay focused on the latest products in their class and keep a close eye on where the fish are.

We will be providing prizes and merchandise and as a team member, you will get to test or sample new products like reels, line, etc. but this is a competition ultimately for fun. There will be some pay tournaments where the winners can make a little on cash payouts. We will have opportunities for sponsorships as we grow in popularity. So it will benefit you to spread the word.

As a team member, we will be posting your mug all over our social media, we will have interviews with you and you will not only get to test some products but you will get to tell us what you think of the product or how well you loved it.

More information will be coming soon so start practicing now. We are partnering with iCatch© tournament fishing app to work these tournaments.